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Voi­yal - Social Media / Ero­tic Audio

With Voiyal ( we are devel­op­ing an "Only­Fans for Audio" where voice artists can mon­et­ize intim­ate stor­ies & juicy fantas­ies as authen­tic audios.
#sexu­al­well­ness #nsfw #fantasy #asmr

Intern­ship Social Media / Con­tent Mar­ket­ing at young Ber­lin-based audio star­tup


Are you bold and cheeky? Then come on this erotic audio adven­ture to learn and grow with us for 3 months and 450 € per month #NSFW #ASMR

Working field:

Do you love hot stor­ies and want to be part of one right from the start?

You know your way around Ins­tagram, Twit­ter, Tik­Tok & Co. and hasht­ags are your second home? Do you enjoy writ­ing cap­tiv­at­ing cap­tions & cre­at­ing posts and want to learn real growth hack­ing? Then we have the per­fect intern­ship for you!


Very good Eng­lish spoken and writ­ten.

Bold­ness in your tex­tual & visual cre­ations.

Curi­os­ity & open­ness for the future of audio.

What we offer:

We are a young Ber­lin-based audio star­tup that aims to revo­lu­tion­ize the world of audio erot­ica.

With Voiyal ( we are devel­op­ing an "Only­Fans for Audio" where voice artists can mon­et­ize their most intim­ate stor­ies & fantas­ies as juicy audios from any­where.
Together with you, we will be a super-agile little team. From day one you will have a lot of respons­ib­il­ity for our online pres­ence and will be able to work very inde­pend­ently.

The intern­ship is fully remote, although we enjoy shared meet­ings in per­son from time to time to get cre­at­ive things done faster.

How to apply:

If you're up for being the pub­lic voice of Voiyal on social media, please send us your resume and cover let­ter to: