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Inter­cos - Jordi Bar­nadas - Inter­cos Office in Ber­lin

Inter­cos is the global leader con­tract man­u­fac­turer in the devel­op­ment & pro­duc­tion of color cos­met­ics: found­a­tion, powders, mas­cara, eye­liners, eye shad­ows, lip­sticks, pen­cils & nail pol­ish for most import­ant make up brands.
Inter­cos Headquar­ters are based in Mil­ano (Italy)
Inter­cos is a global mul­tina­tional com­pany with more than 4.000 employ­ees, 15 pro­duc­tions plants (Italy, Switzer­land, USA, Brazil, China, Korea) and 15 Mar­ket­ing & Sales offices: Mil­ano, Paris, Lon­don, Ber­lin, Bar­celona, NY, LA, Sao Pablo, Shang­hai, Seoul…)
Inter­cos has a marek­t­ing & sales office in Ber­lin Schöne­berg.

Part Time paid intern­ship for Trend Scout­ing research in the Beauty Industry

Trend scout­ing research to under­stand how con­sumers, cul­tural insti­tu­tions, cor­por­ates and insti­tu­tional entites have impacted the beauty industry dur­ing covid and the new nor­mal­ity.

Working field:

Trend Sout­ing research on line and life based on dif­fernt steps:
Fist step to screen most import­ant 2021 events
Second step to attend selec­ted ven­ues in Ber­lin or in any other Ger­man city.
Third step to ana­lyse and to cluster the out­come of all events
Last step to extract com­mon ideas that would drive to new Ger­man trends.


Cur­rently study­ing Busi­ness, Mar­ket­ing, Mar­ket­ing research, Art, Com­mu­nic­atoin, His­tory
With great pas­sion for cos­metic products, cul­tural events and online research
Ger­man nat­ive speaker with flu­ent eng­lish

What we offer:

Part Time paid Inter­ship for two month in Ber­lin Inter­cos sales & mar­ket­ing office - Space Shack cowork­ing - Schöne­berg
Pos­sib­il­ity to start as soon as pos­sible.
Full flex­ib­il­ity to work from home, cafe or at the office.
Acces to budget to attend dif­fer­ent rel­ev­ant cul­tural events

How to apply:

Please send your CV with a motiv­a­tion let­ter to: